Helping successful women ditch the overwhelm and begin to enjoy their mid-life years.

Dr. Boehm’s Top Time Saving Tips.


Time is arguably our most valuable asset – download your own copy of easy-to-do tips that immediately give you back precious time in your day. In this guide, Dr. Boehm shares three of her most recommended time hacks that she uses with private coaching clients – don’t miss out!



I’m Dr. Rebecca Boehm

I have studied and practiced traditional psychology and therapy for the last 15+ years. I want now to bring all of my training and experience out of the private therapy space, and show women in their mid-lives that they don’t have to put themselves last. I work with career women who are operating at a high level, but who also want to enjoy their personal lives. My work focuses on avoiding burnout, building a sustainable work/life balance, however that may look for you. The solutions are not cookie cutter but entirely individual – I hope the information and methods provided here allow you to curate your life for maximum enjoyment and thriving.

"Because of the therapy I did, and the maintenance work I am still doing, I am a better woman, a better wife, a better mother."

"Dr. Rebecca allowed me a safe space to explore areas of my life I struggled to look at alone. She championed me every inch of the way."