Dr. Boehm received her doctorate (Ph.D.) in Clinical Psychology at the University of Saskatchewan. She moved to the Halifax, NS area in 2008 to complete her residency at Capital District Health Authority. Through her training since 2004, Dr. Boehm has worked with clients from infancy through old age. With a broad understanding of human development, personality, illness, and mental wellness, she specializes in the treatment of adolescents, young adults and adults. Her research interests have been in the areas of prejudice and discrimination, with a particular focus on women’s experience of juggling careers and family roles.

In terms of therapeutic approaches, Dr. Boehm has been formally trained in cognitive behaviour therapy, interpersonal process therapy, humanistic therapy, and mindfulness therapy. Positive psychology, the study of human strength and thriving, is also an approach that is valued by Dr. Boehm. Taken together, Dr. Boehm’s training and knowledge allow her to create a highly individualized plan of care with clients. Her belief is that therapy is most effective when it is a transparent and collaborative process.