The Starting Point


I am a psychologist. I have been taught to be like a “tabula rasa” (blank slate), to never enter into anything other than a professional (one-directional) relationship with a client, and to never be seen as anything other than neutral, non-judgmental, but also warm, caring and concerned. I think I was probably always a socially awkward introvert, but my academic and professional training really hammered it home – I became an ultra-private person, even to family and friends. I am only now, 10 years into my career and almost 40 years into my life, deciding that I too need to hold space in this world as a human, to have reciprocal relationships, and to open up about who I am, and how I fit in the world. As a third born child, there didn’t seem to be much room for me to start with, but I’m not in that family anymore, and I got my degrees following all rules and expectations, so now its my turn to decide how things are going to go. This blog will contain my thoughts, my perceptions, my musings on being human.


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