Private Therapeutic Coaching

I hold space for women to shift toward having a close and loving relationship with themselves. I can help you:


Clear unwanted beliefs, memories, and negative patterns of behaviour


Finding out who you really are (not who you’ve been told to be)


Practice real self-care and stop self-sabotaging behaviours, and


Fill your energetic buckets so that you can flourish and truly have it all: amazing relationships, productivity and deep meaning in your life.

A match in therapeutic relationship is of utmost importance to maximize your personal gains and outcomes.

I offer free 30 minute consultations to determine if I am the right fit for you.

Deep Dive

This 90-120 min session is often the first in a therapeutic coaching package. In our time together, we will dive deeply into the issues that are most pressing for you. We will use this time to explore and understand the nature of the goals you are seeking. This session is used by Dr. Boehm to construct a personal wellness plan and options for further coaching.

Custom Packages

Each therapeutic coaching package is entirely customized and dependent on your current situation and needs. Varied levels of support are offered regarding frequency, length and number of sessions. Email and voicemail support are also possible when needed.

"Because of the therapy I did, and the maintenance work I am still doing, I am a better woman, a better wife, a better mother."

"Dr. Rebecca allowed me a safe space to explore areas of my life I struggled to look at alone. She championed me every inch of the way."

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