Online Learning

Set Your Compass

Who says 2021 can’t be your best year yet?

COVID has changed the course of our lives. Could it be an opportunity for growth?

Set Your Compass is a 2-part online workshop where Dr. Rebecca will guide you through her signature process to:

  • Get crystal clear on the areas of your life that may be out of alignment or balance at the present moment.
  • Find out where you may be wasting precious time and energy.
  • Create a strong and clear vision for the direction you’d like to move next in the most important aspects of your life.
  • Create realistic (SMART) but inspiring goals for the 2021.
  • How to maintain motivation through the ups and downs of regular life!

Spots are limited – call (902) 576-3576 to sign up.

Dates and Times
December 31@ 9:30-11:30am AST and January 1 @ 2:30-4:40pm AST

Investment is $497, billable to most insurance plans.

"Because of the therapy I did, and the maintenance work I am still doing, I am a better woman, a better wife, a better mother."

"Dr. Rebecca allowed me a safe space to explore areas of my life I struggled to look at alone. She championed me every inch of the way."

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