Online Learning

Set Your Compass

Give yourself the gift of time and presence. From the comfort of your home, join Dr. Rebecca this holiday season in looking back at 2018 and prepare for the year to come. This online program is designed to build upon your personal strengths, and guide you to set your internal compass in the direction of nourishment and wellbeing. In each of the four weeks you will be challenged to personally reflect, evaluate and set realistic goals for the year to come.

4 week program includes:


Weekly instructional videos


Weekly live 60 minute group videoconferencing for sharing and answering questions


A series of outlines for personal reflection and growth

Using mindfulness, principles of positive psychology, goal setting and achievement strategies.

Week 1: 2018 Year in Review – reflections
Week 2: Wheel of Life satisfaction exercise
Week 3: Setting compass and areas of growth
Week 4: Action steps for 2019

"Because of the therapy I did, and the maintenance work I am still doing, I am a better woman, a better wife, a better mother."

"Dr. Rebecca allowed me a safe space to explore areas of my life I struggled to look at alone. She championed me every inch of the way."

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